Drama Queens: The Women of the Auburn Theatre Department

In my house, we don’t use the word “dramatic,” we say “histrionic.”

Living with two members of Auburn University’s Theatre Department has shown me so much. They have rigorous schedules, and it’s much more than the glamour of opening night.

So, let’s meet Teyonna, the actress, and Cheyenne, the sound designer.

Teyonna Johnson

Teyonna Johnson

Teyonna is a senior in the BFA Music Theatre program. She is from Troy, AL.

Cheyenne Dalton

Cheyenne Dalton

Cheyenne is a senior in the BFA Design and Tech program. She is from Scottsboro, AL.

What made you want to work in theatre?

Teyonna: I️ wanted to work in Theatre because it’s field that has so many different outlets. There are so many different jobs that you can do in the theatre. You could be a playwright, a director, an actor, or even a designer. I️ knew that it was something that I️ wanted to be apart of for the rest of my life no matter the outlet.

Cheyenne: I started theatre with the intention of being a scenic artist, but once the shows are open, there’s nothing left to paint. I started working in sound when I was fifteen so that I could work on shows while they were running!

What’s been the most surprising thing about theatre?

Teyonna: The amount of work that goes into one singular show has been the thing that has surprised me the most. It’s such a collaborative thing. So many people’s labor have to come into place to get a show up on its feet. Because all theatre artists somehow make it look easy, I️ definitely took their labor for granted.

Cheyenne: I think the most surprising thing about theatre is that it really is such a close-knit industry that everyone practically knows everyone else. This summer when I worked at the Texas Shakespeare Festival, I met so many people that knew other people that I’ve worked with or went to undergrad with!

What’s your best memory in the program?

Cheyenne: The scenic and lighting professor wanted to plaster images from newspapers for the set of Assassins, but all of the images online were blurry or too low-res to be blown up to wall-size, so she took me (a sound engineer) and four scenic students to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. on Auburn’s private jet to scan original newspapers from the day presidents were assassinated/attempts were made on their lives.

Teyonna: Our annual scholarship has always been one of my favorite things that we do here in the theatre. It’s our opportunity to show potential students what we have to offer. It’s a great moment where we can sit back and take a look at the work that we have put in over the past few years and just appreciate it. I️ feel like in the theatre we get done with a show and immediately after it ends we take down the set and move on to the next things. We rarely have time to really sit back and see what an amazing piece of work we have all created.

What’s your favorite play?

Teyonna: The Color Purple is my favorite musical because the music is stunning and the story leaves me feeling much more confident.

Cheyenne: My favorite play is The Foreigner by Larry Shue! It’s just the right amount of solemnity and laughter!

What would you say to someone wanting to pursue theatre?

Cheyenne: Don’t let what other people think of you determine what you want to do! There are so many people out there that don’t want you to major in the arts, but they will never understand how happy it makes you. “If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

Teyonna: I️ would tell anyone interested in pursuing theatre to create your own work. Collaborate with other theatre artists around you right now. Do not wait. Get involved and take classes. Learn all you can. Last but not least, READ PLAYS!

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